Application Process Policy - PLEASE READ!

  • Before starting your application, please visit the Minnesota Association of Sober Homes (MASH) Member Directory Lists and confirm that your sober house is on this list:  If you do not see your sober house listed, we CAN NOT process your application.
  • We will only communicate with applicants via written communication, so please do not call.  If you have questions, please email us at:
  • All applications for financial assistance MUST be submitted by the 21st of each month.  (Please be as thorough as possible when filling out your application.  Any inaccurate or missing information, or incomplete applications, will only delay your application, and may require Pink Cloud Foundation to roll your application over to the following month).
  • After the 21st of the month, information provided on the application will be validated with the sober house manager/owner.
  • After validation, all applications will be sorted by the "amount requested" from LEAST AMOUNT to MOST AMOUNT requested.
  • Applications with the LEAST amounts requested will be paid FIRST.  (This allows Pink Cloud Foundation to maximize donations by helping the most number of applicants as possible each month).
  • All applicants will be notified by the LAST day of each month.
  • Payment arrangements will then be made between Pink Cloud Foundation and the sober house manager/owner.
  • In the event that enough funds are not available, applications will be rolled over to the following month.

TIP:  To increase the likelihood of receiving financial assistance, it is STRONGLY encouraged to NOT request the full 100% of your sober deposit.  We suggest requesting assistance from family, friends, social media, fundraising campaigns, or other charitable organizations (including yourself).  We recognize that everyone's financial situation is different, but have found that those who help finance their own sober deposits, even in only small amounts, have much higher success rates in sober-living.

Please only submit your application ONCE!

Financial Assistance Policy - PLEASE READ!

  • Financial assistance from Pink Cloud Foundation is only for payment of sober/security deposits to a MASH-approved sober house.  Financial assistance will not be provided for Rent, administrative fees, program fees, or any other expenses.
  • Pink Cloud Foundation partners exclusively with sober houses that are registered members in good-standing with the Minnesota Association of Sober Homes (MASH).  To view the MASH Member Directory, please visit their website: , see our "RESOURCES" tab, or click on the "MASH MEMBER DIRECTORY" button below.
  • Pink Cloud Foundation DOES NOT discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, criminal history, health status, employment status, marital status, family status, veteran status, creed, or religion.  All demographic questions are optional and voluntary.  This information is kept private and only used internally to learn more about the communities in which we serve, and assist us in applying for private and public grants.
  • All requests for financial assistance are communicated confidentially solely between agents of Pink Cloud Foundation, agents of the Treatment Facility/Program, Correctional Facility, Case Manager/Counselor, the Applicant, and Sober House Manager/Owner.
  • Due to the nature of our organization, and to allow for as many participants as possible, funds will only be awarded to each recipient ONCE during a 365-day period.

**By submitting this form, you attest that all the information provided is accurate and true.  You acknowledge that any funds awarded will be given directly to the MASH-approved Sober House of your choosing from Pink Cloud Foundation via check, and under no circumstances will funds be provided to you directly.  Lastly, you acknowledge and understand that Pink Cloud Foundation is funded 100% by private donations, corporate donations, and federal grants, therefore, financial assistance provided is solely dependent upon the current availability of funds.**

*** Please Fill out this Form completely ***

Financial Assistance Application Form


We will only communicate with applicants via written communication.

Calls from applicants will not be accepted.

Any Questions? Please Contact Us!

Need to Download a printer-friendly copy of our application?

For applicants without internet access, or access to a computer/smart device (i.e. treatment centers, correctional facilities, etc),

please download and print the PDF document below.

Please submit your completed application to:

Financial Assistance Application (pdf)